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The Diversity Dad podcast showcases everyday dads with a unique stories of triumph and overcoming life's challenges.We want to support dads regardless of their parenting situation whether dealing with toddlers, teens, divorce, separation, or adoption.Diversity Dad is focused to “buck conventionally” and celebrate doing fatherhood differently. We are all diversity dads.
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Sep 1, 2016

Ted Hicks, the IT guy and father of two kids. A 9 years old boy and a 14 years old girl. He is a fellow podcaster, hosting the Late Night Parents show in the oldest Long Island's NYC radio station and the Baseball, Beer and Barbecue podcast. Besides those passions he dedicates his time to gaming, blogging and Fantasy Football (according to his own words he is an expert in his own mind such as we all are!)

It is amazing to learn how he uses his passion about sports, games and technology which are some of his kids’ passions as well, to interact with his son and daughter in an amazing way. Creating an improbable but very open and strong channel of communication.


“You think about the old school dad. I think about my dad. He is old school. He would come in; he will work his shift. He’s gonna speak a few words of wisdom to us. And either go to sleep or handle his business, do what he needs to do leading the family. And it worked for us back then. But that was a different era.”


In this episode we will learn a lot from his experience keeping himself up to date with the current trends and the trends his kids follow to connect to them on their own level. Dealing with bullying when one of his own kids gets to be the bully. How he keeps up with his family activities and how important those are to him (why it should be important to us as well). We will be inspired by his passion for his family and the challenges of being a good dad (and husband) at every opportunity.


“You gotta watch some of the shows that they are watching. You focus on being hip, being in the know while also parenting with them. Because then you are not speaking two different languages.”

“Playing video games with them they open up to so many different other topics”


It is very interesting to see his perspective on parenthood. He understands very well the huge gap from his generation in terms of the role of the parents in a child's upbringing and it is amazing to listen how he takes this understanding to the next level on the ways he interacts and teach life lessons to his kids. We will learn how he teaches his kids how to be humble and know how to fail and be the loser using gaming and his own lie stories.


“In defeat you need to know how to be just as graceful as when you are winning”


Throughout the whole interview we will also learn about his perspective of the different roles of moms and dads and how the gaps can be filled in. The huge difference between father’s day and mother’s day and how those are portrayed in the media and out there in advertisements and on the news and the effect it has on people.

Fasten your seat belts for a awesome interview with an awesome dad and person. A very inspiring conversation filled with passion and insight. Useful for any kind of parent out there looking to raise their kids the best way possible.

“Enjoy fatherhood. Enjoy every part of it because when you blink your eyes your child is going off to college or they are getting married and you know, they are grown.”



“The dads in general should write a book and everyone should get a chapter for themselves”

“Everything nowadays is more headed towards the moms. And it has always been like that”

“Take that time out. Making every last minute count ... not that the job doesn’t matter ... But I have been blessed in a situation where I have flex time and I am in a flexible environment.”

“Be there. Have your eye on the pulse. Know what is happening. Be involved. Be hip. Be in the know.”




Baseball Beer BBQ podcast & blog



“Let’s learn together. Let’s grow together. Let’s be dads together. Peace.”








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